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drill pipe

We supply new drill pipe engineered for the HDD market and used drill pipe that is Premium double white band DS1- CAT 5.

  • New:

    • engineered for HDD and Made in the USA

  • Used: 

    • Double white band DS1-CAT 5


We manufacture in accordance to API specification 5DP or as applicable. All new connections are phosphate-coated to improve resistance to galling and to assist in adhering pipe thread compound. 

When ordering, please specify:​

  • SIze 5" to 8 5/8"

  • Length 20' or Range 2 (31.5' Average Length)

  • Connections, ex: 4-1/2" IF or 5-1/2" FHDS and up

  • Hard banding, or J.T. Miller Hardbanding

  • Your rigs maximum torque capabilities

Please see our drill pipe spec sheet for assistance in selecting what drill pipe tube and connection is best for your rig.

Call us at 936.447.2929 and we'll get you all the drill pipe you need ASAP.

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