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Jet-Lube 10115

KOPR-KOTE® drill collar and tool joint compound is a Premium quality, unleaded compound containing copper flake, graphite, and other natural extreme pressure and anti-wear additives.


KOPR-KOTE’s solids package is formulated to prevent excessive circumferential makeup by increasing the coefficient of friction under compressive forces.




We supply multiple Jet-Lube options for your thread compound needs.


  • Contains no lead or zinc

  • NSF H2 Registered

  • Extreme-pressure additives provide additional protection against seizing and galling and allow consistent make-up

  • Aluminum-complex grease base protects against rust and corrosion

  • Sticks to wet joints

  • Unequaled resistance to makeup downhole

  • Available in Arctic, Thermal, and Specialty grades



  • Product Type: Tool Joint and Drill Collar Compound

  • Container Size: 5gal

  • Specific Gravity: 1.15 ?????

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +450°F

  • Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°F

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